Dr. Meena

Double Board Certified MD (ABOM, ABIM)
Functional Medicine Doctor

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Philosophy of Care

Utilization of the right tool to solve the problem brings the best outcome. A pill is not an answer to all ills, surgery doesn’t cure all problems, nutrition and exercise can’t reverse all diseases. We are fortunate to live in times when we can adapt the best practices from western and eastern medicine.  My training in western medicine helps me understand the practices of unconventional medicine objectively. After careful analysis of both schools of thought, I have designed a structured comprehensive therapeutic lifestyle program that assimilates the most effective techniques from western and eastern medicine minimizing the side effects. For each individual. I strive to determine how and why illnesses occur and restore health by addressing the root causes optimally.

5 Pillars of Health by Dr. Meena

Using my blueprint, including the emerging trends in genetics, nutrigenomics, and anti-aging, my patients harness simple self-care practices and develop new habits. My approach addresses the 5 foundational pillars needed to resolve underlying stressors leading to the breakdown of health: detoxification, nutrition, fitness, restoration of balance for the autonomic nervous, and endocrine systems.

Dr. Meena - Functional Medicine Doctor
Dr. Meena – Functional Medicine Doctor

Member of

Age Management Medicine Group - Dr. Meena Malhotra - Functional Medicine Doctor
Cellular Medicine Association
American Board of Internal Medicine
Obesity Medicine Association